Where in the World is Marcie Writing? A Getaway



You know my favorite place to write? In a quiet hotel room. Alone.

It rarely happens, but when it does, I can suck the life out of a few hours.

Thanks to my mom watching the kids, I snuck away out of town with my husband. He had business to do, so he dropped me off at a hotel, and I wrote and revised and revised and revised.

When I finally got the revision done, I sent the weakest part to my critique group for further suggestions, and I ate chocolate.

Where in the World is Marcie Writing? The Library

Glenvar Library


I have this novel that’s been pretty much done for several months. But the climax of the story was just terrible. I knew it would require some major rewriting and some rewriting of early parts to make it all come together. But I needed some big chunks of time.

I looked at the calendar for possibilities. There was a week where my 4 year old was going to camp for three hours every morning. And there was a new library close by. So for a few mornings, my daughter and I loaded up our bags and went to the library to work in front of this big window. She read and drew and drew and drew. I wrote and marked up my terrible chapters.


Where in the World is Marcie Writing? Cups

One of my favorite places to write is CUPS, a neighborhood coffee shop. They have the best homemade havarti pimento cheese and herbal ice tea.



My critique group meets here once a month on busy Saturday mornings, but I prefer to go in the late afternoon when the atmosphere is usually quieter.

In the regional literature class I took at Hollins, we were encouraged to go to a place to observe four days in a row. I was able to come to this spot three out of four times. I always see interesting people, eat delicious food, and knock out some writing.

Where in the World is Marcie Writing? Hollins

You are probably sick of hearing me wax poetically about Hollins this week. But it’s been, and continues to be, such a pivotal place in my life. I feel so lucky to live so close and to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves there. I wrote about Hollins on Monday and on Wednesday. So it seems only fitting that this is where my “Where in the World” picture should be this week.

My workstation inside the library

My workstation inside the library

Outside the Hollins Library where I wrote on a bench

Outside the Hollins Library where I wrote on a bench

Where in the world are you writing this week?

Where In the World is Marcie Writing? Back Porch

Though I’ve been writing in a variety of places this summer, one of my favorite places to write is one that’s new and close.

My Back Porch

My Back Porch

We recently redecorated our back porch. I’ve been spending evenings out here listening to it rain (it’s rained a LOT this summer), reading, and writing some. With the installation of a ceiling fan we gained extra light and the ability to keep it cool, so we’ve spent a lot more time out here than we have in years.


Where are you writing this summer?

Where in the World is Marcie Writing? Railroad Tracks

I was a huge fan of the game of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” It was one of the first computer games I ever played as a kid and we played it on my grandfather’s computer.

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that I’m a big proponent of Making Time to Write no matter what your schedule or your life circumstances are. Sometimes the summer can mean not only crazy schedule changes and upheaval, and it also might mean that you have to write in some odd places. I personally always find the summertime a time when I get a lot of writing done. But it’s not always in my awesome writing cave.

I know a lot of writers are big on setting up their place to write (I have a preferred place too), but I have learned to write in many places. If I waited until I could only write in my office, then I would be getting a whole lot less writing done. These posts were inspired on a post Romella Broas did on places she writes. I thought it might be fun to record some of the places I wrote away from my office this summer.

By the railroad tracks

By the railroad tracks

The rail walk in our town has benches. It’s very close to where my daughter was attending art classes. While I waited on her to get out of art class, I wrote at one of the benches to the sounds of the trains going by. Trains are good for drowning out other distracting noises, so it was a fun spot to edit some work.