ReFoReMo is Here!

ReFoReMo stands for Reading for Research Month. It is run by Carrie Charley Brown and her team and focuses on diving into picture books as mentor texts.

My post is the first one in the line up today with a focus on reader engagement in picture books. Hop on over there to read my post about these 10 picture books. 

New Mentor Text Lessons, Mentor Texts Lists, and More!

Guest Posts Around the Web

You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging much lately, but I have been doing some writing out and about on the web-o-sphere.

Using Mentor Texts to Revise a Novel in Verse at Teach Mentor Texts (Jen Vincent’s blog)

Author Study on Newbery Award Winner, Matt de la Peña at Picture Book Summit

New Mentor Text Lesson Plans

I have added 4 new mentor text lesson plans for Laura Murray’s Gingerbread Man books. You can find all of the links at this page or by clicking on the titles below.

The Gingerbread Man Loose at Christmas

The Gingerbread Man Loose on the Firetruck

The Gingerbread Man Loose on the School

The Gingerbread Man Loose at the Zoo

collage of gingerbread men

Picture Books that Inspire Kids to Take Action and Change Their World

Nerdy Book Club Post

I love the Nerdy Book Club. If you are a book lover and aren’t regularly following them, go sign up now to get their daily posts. Today, I’m guest posting “Ten Books that Inspire Kids to Take Action and Change the World!” Come visit me over there.



Guest Post: Platform Building

As many of you know, I write mostly about mentor texts (both for teachers and for writers) and I also write occasionally about organization and time management. All of that is part of my “platform.” I’m over at Alayne Kay Christian’s blog talking about platform. Check out my post called “A Case of the Why Nots: How I Built (and am still building) My Platform.” 

Guest Post at Raising Book Monsters

I’m over at RAISING BOOK MONSTERS as a guest blogger. The title of the article is “How to Make Children’s Books Part of Everyday Language in Your Family.” 

Submissions, Submissions, Submissions

Are you ready to submit? Not sure how to keep track of everything? Not sure if your work is ready to submit? I’ve been guest posting at Alayne Kay Christian’s blog. I hope these articles will be useful, if you are submitting your work.

Organization Tools and Tips for Submitting

All of these organizational tools have appeared on this blog in increments, but I put them altogether in the post for Alayne.

How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Submit?

Post 1 and Post 2 are part of an ongoing Q& A series that Alayne is doing about submitting.


Mentor Texts for Writers Resources

Webinar Screenshot

If you follow this blog, you know that I spend a lot of time talking about using mentor texts to teach young people how to write. But really, it will work for us “old” writers as well.

Mentor Text for Writers Webinar

Last week, I did a webinar on how to use mentor texts to improve your writing. Kristen Fulton, nonfiction writer and tireless leader of writers, does monthly webinars through our WOW Nonfiction Picture Book group. If you are at all interested in writing nonfiction for kids, you MUST join. Many thanks for her patience in walking me through the technology glitches I was experiencing.

If you are interested in watching the webinar and/or interested in the resources I provided for the webinar, you can find all of them at my Mentor Texts for Writers page.

Character-Driven Pictures Books as Mentor Texts

If you’ve noticed, a lot of agents and editors are looking for character-driven picture books. I decided to study these more intently. My guest post including printables is over at Alayne Kay Christian’s blog.

I have also archived my printables from that guest post at this page on my blog.

Guest Post at DIYMFA on Focusing

I’m guest posting over at DIYMFA on FOCUS for 2014. If you follow my blog regularly, you have seen much of this information before, but you can still hop over there and check it out.

If you would like to download the printables I mention, you can download them on my GOALS page.

Guest Post on Using Mentor Texts

I write a lot about mentor texts in the classroom, but I also use them to help my own writing. Today, one of my guest posts is live on DIYMFA on reading like a writer. It’s called “Reading and Studying Mentor Texts.” 

My mentor text notebook

My mentor text notebook



Guest Post: True Confessions of a Juggler

I’m guest posting today at DIYMFA. My article is called “True Confessions of a Juggler: Time Management Tips for Every Writer.”