What Do You Need as a Writer? Three Things Highlights Gave Me

Highlights desk

I am over at the GROG with a post about my recent Highlights trip. Hop on over there to find out what I loved the most.

Plot Holes? Resources for Repair

I’m struggling with plotting in my middle grade novel. While I’m getting better at plotting, it’s still something that doesn’t come naturally to me. I wrote a post recently about the resources that I use when plotting. If you are struggling with plotting, these resources might help you too!

Plot Holes? Resources for Repair is on the GROG blog here. 

Bullet Journaling: A Peek Into My Process

I’ve been bullet journaling for about a year now. I wrote a post over at the GROG about the method to my madness. If you are gearing up for the new year, this might be something you want to try. Click here to go to the post.

Bullet Journal: Book of Stars page

Bullet Journal: Book of Stars page

Organize Your Writing Space

After a very long hiatus, I am back to blogging. I blog occasionally with a group of writers called the GROG. When Sherri Jones Rivers, a fellow grogger, asked me to give her some ideas for organizing her writing space, I gave her a tour of my space. Click here to find out how I organize my office.

Mentor Texts for Word Play Guest Post

punny titles

I’m over at the GROG today talking about mentor texts for word play. Whether you are a writer looking to make your writing more playful, or a teacher looking to help kids play with words, this post has a bunch of fun books to check out! Here is the link.

Highlights Fiction Contest: Mystery Writing Tips

Highlights for Children Magazine runs a yearly fiction contest. This year the theme is a mystery and the deadline is January 31, 2015. If you are interested in some links on how to write a mystery AND a printable for planning your mystery, head on over to the GROG blog. I have posted my mystery contest post there. 
Screenshot of mystery sheet


Click on the image to download the printable from this page too. 

Making Time to Write in 2015

I’m over at the GROG today talking about ways you can make time to write in 2015. Click here for the full article.

GROG: A group blog supporting writers

I’m going to be a monthly blogger at GROG, a new group blog that supports writers. What does GROG stand for?

G: Guidance and support

R: Resources for the craft of writing

O: Opportunities to grow our skills

G: Great folks who care about readers and writers of all ages

Today is our official launch day. I’m the first blogger on deck with a post answering some pertinent questions about mentor texts. Head over there and check it out.