Best of 2014: Most Popular Posts

Looking back over 2014, I wanted to take note of my most popular posts on my blog. It helps me see what posts are most helpful to my readers. The shocking thing for me was that all of the most frequently read pages of 2014 were actually posts I wrote and posted in 2013!

That’s good because it means that much of my content is evergreen. And it also helps me to see what types of posts they are. Six out of ten were mentor texts posts aimed at teachers. The other four posts were posts on organizing your writing life.

1. Top 10 Picture Books for Word Choice

This has consistently been my most popular post for 2 years. I decided to create it into a printable PDF. You can access it two ways: 1) by signing up for my writing teachers’ newsletter (in the top right hand corner of my website) and 2) by getting it for FREE at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

2. What To Do About To-Do Lists

3. Personal Narrative Mentor Texts

4. Mentor Text Lesson Plan on Onomatopoeia

5. Over and Under the Snow Mentor Text Lesson Plan

6. Keeping Track of Submissions

7. Quarterly Goals Template

8. Mentor Text Spreadsheet: Picture Book Month in Review

9. Mentor Text Tip Tuesday: Scavenge the Books

10. Goal Setting Re-Vamped

What Do You Need?

I think these posts became the most popular because people googled for these exact needs–organization in their writing life OR mentor texts lessons.

I would like to create more evergreen posts in 2015. What do you need? If you are a teacher, what mentor text lists or tips do you need?

If you are a writer, what kinds of organization help do you need? I am also very passionate about helping writers make time to write. What do you need help with?

Comment below OR e-mail me with your specific need and I’ll try to create a post about it, if I can.

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