Onomatopoeia Palooza!

I am a contributor to this onomatopoeia resource. If you are a writer or a teacher of writing, I hope that you will find this helpful. It’s like an onomatopoeia encyclopedia. To download this onomatopoeia resource, click on the picture below.

Onomatopoeia Sounds Like…

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 7.14.20 PM

Other Onomatopoeia Resources:

Onomatopoeia Mentor Text Lesson Plan

The Chicken Chasing Queen of Lamar County Mentor Text Lesson Plan


Onomatopoeia Resource Contributor Websites:

Tanja Bauerle

Robyn Campbell

Sue Frye

Kristen Fulton

Christine Irvin

Elaine Kiely Kearns

Joanna Marple

Yvonne Mes

Teresa Robeson

Donna L. Sadd

Saba Taylor

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I will use it as a writer! As a newbie PB writer, I appreciate what sound words do to writing! Will twitter about this, too. Love Mud Pie Day, congrats!

  2. I contributed the device sounds. What a great resource.

  3. Would you kindly add my name to your list, Marcie. I contributed device sounds and wasn’t given my credit. I am trying to do this discreetly. I do not want to make a big deal of it. But I worked hard on my part.

  4. Kristen said you all told her that I was creating an issue. So just forget it Marcie. But wouldn’t you all have wanted credit? My son is having health problems. He matters. This does not. I just thought writers wouldn’t do a fellow writer like this. Sorry to have bothered you.

    • I never contacted Kristen. I have been traveling and haven’t been able to access my website. I’m so sorry about your son. I have added your name and your link to the website. Sorry for the delay, but I wasn’t able to get to my website while traveling alone because I was driving.