Writing Quote Wednesday: Courage

“…Being courageous doesn’t mean you don’t have fear; it means your willing to act in spite of your fear. Every courageous person I’ve ever known struggled with fear, but they were willing to act in spite of that fear. That’s what made them courageous.”

—Michael Hyatt, This is Your Life Podcast, Episode 48 “The Five Characteristics of Weak Leaders”


BRP caterpillar


I would say I’m one of the people who usually believes the glass is half full. I believe in my friends and I typically believe in myself. I get excited when my writer friends have something really excellent happen to them because I know how discouraging the process has been, often times.

But lately, I’ve felt like this caterpillar.

With a gigantic fence post to climb.

Luckily, my friends haven’t flicked me off the post and onto the ground. They haven’t lifted me up on their fingers and taken me to a terrain that is easier to navigate.

Instead, they keep encouraging me that something is bound to happen up ahead.


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  1. I’m a glass half full person too!

    I’m confident the struggle makes it all the sweeter when our goal is finally accomplished. Hang in there!